5 Useful Tips From Experts In Clipper Blades

Knowing how a clipper blade works is part of the science behind efficient and effective grooming. 1. How the blade works

Depending on the clipper you are using, will depict the speed the clipper blade is cutting. Once you start clipping, the fur is guided into the blade via the sole plate which acts as an attachment comb. At the point where the top cutting teeth meet the sole plate, this is where the fur is cut. The fur then travels out of the blade between the front teeth and the back rail of the sole plate.

2. The blade is not sharpened correctly

Clipper blades do not have flat surfaces when you look at them, the teeth are slightly angled differently to the back rail to enable the teeth to cut along the front. If the angle of sharpening is not done correctly, when using your blade, they would snag in the first inch of coat.

3. The tension is too tight

How to check for correct blade tension is by moving the top cutter with your hand. If the cutter does not budge or it is very difficult to move, then the tension is too tight. If however the top cutter moves very freely then the blade tension spring is under tension and can cause the same symptom as over tension.

4. Rattling blades

Over a period of time where your blade lever drives the clipper blade at very high speeds, the ears on the blade can spread and cause rattling. The ears are the two pieces of metal that protrudes upwards and are the locating points when attached to the clipper. Take a pair of pliers and gently pinch the ears together to stop rattling.

5. Poor maintenance Not finding time to look after your equipment can cost you more in servicing and sharpening long term. Cleaning and oiling your blades daily will save you pounds in replacements and help you run a more efficient business.

Effective blade cleaning should be done every time you finish a dog or cat to safeguard against cross contamination. Use Clipit Ice Care spray for quick effective sterilisation.

To keep your blades cool and smooth running, you need OIL! The easiest and most effective product on the market is Clipt Easi-Oil Spray.

It has quick cooling properties and a micro fine oil that will not leave an oily residue within the pet’s coat.

For further advice on clipper blades, please email us your concerns.

The components of a clipper blade

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