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Andis Horse Clippers Review

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Andis offer great durable, reliable quality clippers and trimmers for complete animal grooming. They have over 90 years of experience, and have built a great reputation for powerful, durable clippers that are designed to cut through thick coats when necessary. They are also super versatile; so besides using on your dog they are amazing for trimming the difficult areas, and with a wide blade could also be used to clip all over instead of a pair of heavy horse clippers.

The face is the first area people always look at, so making it look nice and tidy will give the right appearance. The Andis Super 2 Speed clipper is also capable of trimming up fetlocks and legs, so read on to find how to use the Andis 2 Speed Clipper to trim your horse to look show ring ready. Firstly pop on the #10 clipper blade, this will give you a perfect finish.

  1. Jawline Get rid of your horse's goat hair that looks shabby. Run the clippers down the bone at a 90 degree angle to the bone, keeping the blade close to the jawline to help prevent vibration.

  2. Bridle Path Put two fingers behind the crown piece of the bridle, clip off this area only.

  3. Ears Do the ears last as many horses do not like this part. Gently cup the ear in your hand and squeeze the sides together. Run the clippers straight down the ears. Then run the clippers down the outside of the ear.

  4. Legs To trim a horse’s legs you can either use a set of Andis clippers or a pair of thinning scissors. If you are confident in your clipping skills, run the clippers down the back of the leg with the hair growth. Continue down the back of the fetlock and pattern. The Clipit 6” safety scissors create a clean look, just snip any hair that hangs below the hoof line.

If you horse does not like the big industrial clippers, pop a wide blade onto your Andis clipper and hey presto you can use it all over the body. Courtney Dunn, Professional Equine Clipper, USA says “ I’ve clipped 120 horses during 2021 season and I’ve used the Andis 2 speed on most of them”. My biggest tip, says Courtney “ replace the blade drive every 30-40 horses and they run like brand new”

The Andis clippers are very durable, whereby you can pop on an attachment comb for leg blending and the occasional tidy up of the tail. Charlotte Simmons, Professional Equine Clipper, USA is comfortable blending with the blade alone, because of the accuracy she can achieve due to Andis' superior ergonomics, but does pop an attachment comb if she feels the coat is particular thick and needs shaping.

The vibration of the Andis 2 Speed Clipper is not overwhelming, like a lot of larger industrial machines. This allows Charlotte to successfully work on many horse faces, and other sensitive areas, as they remain comfortable.

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