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10 Reasons why you should take your dog to a professional dog groomer.

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Having your dog regularly groomed will benefit their health and will help reduce any vets bills. Every breed of dog has a different type of coat structure, and it is wise to educate yourself before purchasing a breed to understand what is required to keep your dog healthy and happy. Once you have your new puppy at home, consider its welfare and investigate having it groomed by a professional dog groomer.

Here are our tips why you should take your dog to a professional groomer...

1. Your groomer is not a vet, however they will wash and scrub your dog all over. They may discover lumps and bumps that you may not see.

2. Great for socialising young puppies.

3. A good bath will help stimulate blood flow and encourage the hair follicles leading to a shinier coat.

4. For keeping nails trimmed and tidy. If attempted by someone with a poor understanding of nail cutting could cause further problems with the quick being cut.

5. Some long breeds are indisposed too knots and tangles. A groomer can humanely remove the knots and tangles, and keep them from coming back.

6. Look for a groomer who has specific experience and advice for the appropriate breed.

7. Trimming in and around the ears is essential, otherwise leaving long hairs can cause infection.

8. Many dog groomers can come to your house or place of business and groom your dog right in the comfort of your home.

9. Some dog groomers offer facials for dogs that are effective in removing the under-eye staining that can occur in dogs with light-coloured hair.

10. Similar to your hair dresser, a dog groomer must have some training and/or certification to be a professional dog groomer. Always check out their qualification.

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