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Save Time Grooming with Clipit's Clipping Oil-New

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Turning out a dog differs fractionally in some breeds and tremendously in others. Day-to-day care of the show dog often exceeds the grooming required in the pet dog, but the groomer has a responsibility to perform a work of art in both cases.

Most of the dogs that come into the grooming salon have mats and tangles, and some look quite neglected because their owners can't cope with the grooming commitments. These dogs may be hard work, but it is extremely satisfying to transform them.

Experience groomers are respected for their ability to look at a photography of any trimmed breed and to know instantly which bits of hair are clipped, scissored, thinned or hand-stripped.

The Initial Brush

Without a doubt, expert brushing is an art in itself. Many owners and inexperienced groomers will hand over a dog that they are sure has had every tangle removed from the coat, and are then quite shocked when a more experienced person gets a bin full of hair when complete brushing takes place.

Undercoat, as seen in dogs like the Old English Sheepdog, can matt solid against the skin and become a horrendous task to remove. Inexperienced groomers have been known to bath a dog full of matted undercoat or felted clogs of hair and then put the dog in a drying cabinet. Once dry, the top hair is then brushed to make the dog look fluffy. The dog looks good on the surface, but the full story beneath the topcoat is quite a different matter.

If the dog is bathed when matted, the shampoo will generally get clogged into the mats, making the situation even more disastrous. When a dog has a badly-matted coat, it is advisable to apply the Clipit Clipping Oil to the coat a few minutes before grooming and clipping, by either spraying or brushing into the coat.

This great product allows the dog clipper to glide through thick, dirty coats with ease, leaving a smooth, even finish. Clipping with the aid of this oil is also less wearing on clipper blades, and will cut down washing and drying time by nearly half - less electricity, less time, less stress for the dog, more economy all round!!

The clipping oil can be used all year round and is ideal for protecting feathering and long coats against mud and water.

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