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Experts Guide to Buying a Dog Clipper

Updated: Oct 11

Understanding the benefits and specifications when it comes to purchasing a dog clipper will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your equipment. Knowing the facts will help you save pounds in the long run.


Depending on your working environment will impact on whether you work with a mains clipper or a cordless machine. The benefit for a cordless machine is having the free movement without having to worry about the clipper lead. A cordless is also ideal if you are working mobile and have limited electrical supply.

The benefit from having a corded machine is having a direct electric current, which will always drive the clipper better than cordless.


Weight plays a huge part on what clipper you use. Do not consider a clipper that contains a heavy battery, this will over a period of time make your hand and arm ache. The average A5 style clipper with blade can weigh around 450 grams.


Strokes Per Minute. This is the speed that you clipper is delivering when the blade is in play. One area to be mindful, more strokers per minute, the quicker the clipper blade will heat up. To resolve the issue, you will need to lubricate your clipper blade more frequently with clipper oil.

A5 Compatible

A5 Style originated from Oster, which was the industry standard clipper back in the 80's. Other manufacturers like Andis, Wahl and Heiniger have over the years developed their clippers and detachable blades to be A5 compatible. The A5 style clipper normally comes with a #10 blade which is ideal for trimming around feet and face. It is also the blade that attachment combs can fit on.

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