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Essential equipment needed to start a pet grooming business

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

In this article, we're going to talk about essential equipment needed to start a pet grooming business.

What essential grooming equipment you need to start a career grooming dogs
Fancy Pet Grooming as a Career?

Pet grooming is a career that requires many skills and knowledge. The first thing you need to consider is which type of pet you want to groom. For example, if you have chosen dogs as your target market, then you will need to learn how to cut and style different types of dog coats. You will also need to be able to handle all kinds of dogs, even those with behavioural problems or those that may bite. Some pets are easier to work with than others, but most have their own unique personality that needs to be taken into consideration when grooming them.

Dog Grooming equipment
Essential Equipment Needed To Start Dog Grooming

The equipment needed for this business depends on the type of pet you plan on grooming as well as your level of expertise. For example, if you only want to start out by trimming small dogs, then all you really need are some basic clippers and scissors.

There are a lot of different pet grooming tools out there, and they all have different uses. Here's what you'll need:

List of equipment needed:

Each piece of equipment has its own purpose. For example, clippers are used to shave the hair off your client's pet's body and face. Scissors are used for trimming the face and paws. Combs are used for detangling coat. Brushes are used for removing dirt from the coat and removing knots and tangles. Make sure you know how each piece of equipment works so that you can provide effective care for your clients' pets!

Next, let's talk about the equipment you'll need: clippers, scissors, combs, brushes—the list goes on! The best thing to do is invest in good-quality products from reputable companies that are designed specifically for animal use. You want your customers' pets to enjoy their experience at the salon (and not be afraid), so make sure everything is clean and sanitary—and make sure the products smell good too!

Looking after your grooming equipment

A pet grooming career isn't just about grooming pets, it's also about looking after your equipment. Without good working tools, you won't be able to groom successfully and efficiently. Grooming is only fun when you have clean tools!

So don't get stuck with dirty equipment ever again-here are some easy tips on how to properly care for your grooming supplies so they stay clean, safe and ready for use!

Information on how to look after your clipper blades
Cleaning and Oiling Clipper Blades

Cleaning dog grooming equipment regularly will keep it in top shape and ensure you don't make a mistake using it on a dog that could result in an infection or skin irritation. For further advice, check out How to Clean Your Grooming Equipment.

How to use grooming equipment

Clippers: You will want clippers that are strong enough for all types of hair (e.g., wire-haired breeds require different blades than short-haired breeds). It's also important that you get clippers with different lengths of blades—you'll need them!

Scissors: Scissors are used for cutting fur and other animal hair. You'll want both straight scissors, curved ones and thinners so that you can trim around curves on the face or body of the pet and too thin out around the shoulder and back off the legs.

Combs: Combs can be made from natural materials like wood or plastic, but they are also commonly made from metal (like stainless steel). Combs are your very best friend, it will tell you when there are knots to remove.

Brushes: A good selection of tools for removing deed hair safely and quickly is essential. Detangling tools are a must, as you will see more knotted coats than coats that have been cared for by their owners.

A variety of dog grooming tools to start a pet career
Dog Groomer Student Taster Kit

If you're thinking about starting a pet grooming business, you probably have a lot of questions about what equipment you need and how to use it. We're here to help!

Looking for further information on Starting a Pet Grooming Business, here are some great reads.

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