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Is My Dog Healthy?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

You can tell a lot by looking at your dog's coat and how healthy they are.

The condition of a dog's coat is influenced by many factors. Genetically, a dog can inherit coat quality from his predecessors, but there are many other influences, such as diet, exercise, and dog's housing and bedding, as well as his grooming routine. All coats can be improved with just a little effort and consideration of the dog's individual needs.

Feeding Beauty comes from within, so what you feed your dog counts. When considering feeding, it is always advisable to listen to your breeder's advice. Good breeders are keen to support the new puppy owner and will provide after sales advice throughout the dog's life. For more information on finding the right breeder and the right dog for your circumstances, go to Discover Dogs.

No two dogs are alike, it is possible for two pups from the same litter to have completely different dietary needs. Dogs are basically scavengers, some dogs have special needs, but your breeder would be able to advise on diet.

Worming If your dog has worms, his coat will suffer the consequences. Your breeder must supply you with details of when your new puppy was wormed and you must continue this process throughout the dog's life.

Exercise Different breeds of dog vary enormously in their exercise requirement, but a fit and healthy dog will be recognised in an instant by the gleam of his coat. Healthy dogs perform better then overweight or undernourished dogs. Exercise, walking, free running and visits to new areas stimulate good health.

Housing Where do you intend to keep your dog? This will depend on what breed you have. The bedding and housing you choose for your dog will have a bearing on the dog's coat. A dog that constantly lies on concrete will wear the hair off his elbows and elsewhere. A dog lying on grass all the time may get bitten by insects. Bedding should be washed regularly and floors should be kept clean.

Grooming Regular grooming allows you quickly to spot any health problems. When regular attention is paid to grooming, early detection of problems like runny eyes. bad breath, skin disorders and allergies can be recognised and nipped in the bud

For further information on grooming and bathing your dog, please click here

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