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Why you need to clean your dog grooming scissors

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Dog grooming scissors need to be cleaned ideally after each groom. Dog grooming scissors fall in the same bio-security measures such as clipper blades to reduce the risk of transferring disease between dogs. You must always clean your scissor at the end of the day.

Taking care of your dog grooming scissors is vital in prolonging the life of the scissor and the sharpness of the scissor blades.

How to clean your dog grooming scissor

1. Take a dry cloth and a can of Clipit Ice Care spray, spray the scissor blades and remove all the excess hair. Open and close the scissor a few times as hair gets trapped around the blade pivot screw. Using Clipit Ice Care spray will sanitise the scissor to ensure that any bacteria has been removed. Do not leave your dog grooming scissor in any cleaning substance to include soap and water, as this will cause corrosion and will have an adverse effect on the blade screw/washer. Resulting in the washer splitting and your scissor coming apart.

2. Open your scissor to a 90 degree angle and using a clean cloth remove any moisture from the scissor blades.

3. After cleaning and drying, use the Clipit Easi Oil spray and spray a tiny amount on the blades when they are open. Open and close a few times so the oil works into the pivot washer. Close the scissor and wipe away any excess oil off the scissor.

4. Pop your scissor in a closed position and place into a padded scissor case to keep them safe and secure, ready for the next day's scissoring.

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