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How to sterilise with Ice Care Spray

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The Ice Care Spray from Clipit Grooming has great functions when it comes to sterilising, cleaning and cooling clipper blades fast, compared to other brands and products on the market.

As it's one of up top ranking products, this handy spray is recommended for every groom/groomer. Priced at £8.75 for a 400ml aerosol spray you can use this when you have finished to clean and sterilise quickly as well as during clipping to reduce the blade heat.

It has a pleasant fresh clean smell and is suited for the most sensitive of skin.

How to use

  1. If your blades are over heating, brush off the excess hair and while the blades are running, giving them a short sharp burst. This will instantly give the blade an ice cold feel.

  2. When you have finished clipping, take the blades off the clipper. Brush off the excess hair, making sure no hair is left between the two cutting surfaces. Lay the blades onto and old towel and give them a quick spray. Leave to air dry for a minute, and then pop back into your blade case.

Ice Care Spray is also handy to use on other grooming equipment to include, brushes, combs, scissors and grooming tables.

To read more on bio-security , here is a handy read. Click here

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