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How to trim your dog's paw hair with scissors

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

If your dog has medium to long length hair on their body, you can guarantee they will have long hair between their toes and pads. If the paw hair is left untrimmed, your dog will have great discomfort. Over time mud and debris can get clogged in between the toes and it will become painful for him to walk.

Trimming the hair between the pads is not difficult and can be done relatively quickly. To trim the paw hair you will require a comb and a pair of safety scissors.

How to Trim 1. Gather all the tools that you will need.

2. Get your dog calm and relaxed and in the laying down position.

3. Start with the back foot, gently with a small amount of pressure hold the foot and spread the toes.

4. With a pair of bull nosed safety scissors start to trim the excess hair from between the pads. This will make it more comfortable for your dog to walk.

5. With a comb, brush the hair on top of the foot and trim.

6. Take a pair of curved scissors and trim around the paw and any excess hair around the ankle.

This is also a good time to check you dog's pads and nails.

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