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My dog's ears are itchy

Dog ear infections to include itching and smelling seem to be ongoing and difficult to clear up. The infections can also be connected with dogs who also suffer with skin complaints. If your dog is suffering with sever itching and there is an odour, you must consult your Vet

It is said that the ear is a perfect place for infection to flourish. As there is high humidity, the ear easily collects debris, moisture, and dirt, which provides the perfect environment for bacteria. It is a good idea to check the ears on a regular basis and to clean out the offending excess hair and wax.

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

  1. Holding the ear flap back and with alcohol or ear cleaner wipe around the ear lobe.

  2. Apply a pinch of ear powder, Thornit would be our recommendation, and leave it for a few minutes.

  3. Use ear forceps to remove the excess hair, removing tiny bits at a time.

Equally, overzealous ear cleaning can aggravate the situation, so it is a matter of getting the right balance.

Mites, which are often carried unseen by the cat, can invade a dog's ear. Early detection is best. There is frequently a brown, smelly discharge from the ear and sometimes red sores and inflammation are obvious. In cases of mite invasion, ask your vet for suitable ear treatment.

Be extra vigilant around harvest time when there is a danger of grass seeds working their way into the ear.

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