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Checklist for keeping your dog grooming equipment running smoothly.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Good planning and preparation can make the difference between a well-organized and successful business and a failure. Every year leading up to Christmas, professional dog groomers are working 24-7, however this is the time when your equipment gets put under pressure. After the busy period has passed your equipment and essential items need to be checked over and repaired or serviced. Using a checklist can help ensure that important things are not left undone or equipment is overlooked.

Before the rush, you should check for when your equipment was last serviced. We always recommend your clipper should be serviced at least every nine months with your blade drive assembly being checked every four months depending on the use and general care. The lead should never be wound around the clipper as this will cause fractures and failure. Also clippers should be carefully stored away and should never be dropped. Keeping them in a dry, warm environment will prolong their working life. We would recommend the Clipit Clipper Case for storing expensive clippers in to protect in a secure environment. Always brush the loose hair away from the moving parts on a regular basis, sometimes you need to do this during the clipping process if you are working on a thick coat. There is nothing worse when you are busy and your clipper decides to pack up when you have only done half the dog.

A recommendation of a backup clipper is essential to enable you to finish the dog and to ensure the till keeps ringing.

Clipper blades and grooming scissors should always be sanitised and cleaned after every dog. Failure to have a salon bio-security policy is unprofessional and can create a dirty environment. In a salon situation, rusting can be a serious issue, which will harbour nasty viruses if corrosion is found on your clipper blades. If blades are used on dirty coats they will become blunt much sooner, so its wise to wash your clipper blades after every use in Blade Wash. Blades should be lubricated before, during and after clipping with the Easi-Oil Spray. This product is easy to use and convenient to provide fast lubrication to keep clipper blades cool and to help prevent rusting. Depending on the use and general care, clipper blades should be sharpened every 3-4 months by a qualified engineer.

Checklist for Maintenance of Equipment Clipper Care Service - every nine months

Do not wind lead around the clipper

Do not drop

Do not store in a damp environment

Blade Care

Spray Easi Oil frequently, every 5 minutes while clipping

Sanitise after every dog

Never leave blades in blade wash for more than 5 - 10 minutes

Check for broken teeth

Do not take blades apart

Store equipment carefully

Scissor Care

Scissors should never be shared

Sanitise with Ice Care Spray

Store each scissor in a separate compartment

Scissors should never be dropped

Scissors should only be sharpened by a professional engineer

For all your clipper blade and scissor maintenance products, please browse our Clipping Accessories

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