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What is the Proper PPE for Dog Grooming?

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

So what is the classification of PPE for dog grooming?

According to the governments website PPE is defined in the PPER 1992 as all equipment to include clothing which is intended to be worn by a person at work and which protects the person against a risk to that person's health or safety.

On the 6th April 2022 the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Act Regulations 2022 come into force and amends the 1992 Regulations. The amendment applies to limb workers and the equipment to be protected with suitable PPE.

So if you are a dog groomer what does PPE mean to you?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects the user against health or safety risks at work. It includes controlling hazards and injuries to

- the lungs

- head and legs

- the eyes

- the skin

- the body

PPE is required to protect and reduce the risk so if you take the above areas that are hazards and injuries, controls and safe systems of dog grooming need to apply.

The injuries include

- the lungs, breathing in hair and dead skin

- the body, standing and lifting heavy dogs

- the eyes, from flying hair, nail cuttings

- the skin, contact with hair, scratches and bites

- the feet, long days standing

What do you have to do?

PPE should be part of your health and safety controls everyday. Firstly, it starts with protective clothing. Practicality over fashion should always be at the forefront when choosing workwear. Many dog grooming garments have short sleeves, many have low v-necks, many don't even have hair resistant properties.

Types of Dog Grooming PPE


Hazards - Hair, dead skin, nail cuttings, shampoo splash


Hazards - Hair, bites and scratches


Hazards - Noise, a combination of sound level and duration of exposure to dryers, blasters and clippers.

Options - Ear Defenders

Hands and Arms

Hazards - Scratches, bites and punctures

Feet and Legs

Hazards - Standing all day

Options - Show Gel Insoles


Hazards - Absorbing hair dust and vapours

For further preventative measures to improve your grooming health, click here

This 3 minute read gives you some extra measures to put in

to place to protect your health.

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