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The Best Veterinary Clothing helps you take care of pets as well as yourself.

Protecting yourself with the Best Veterinary Clothing helps you take care of pets as well as yourself when working in your veterinary practice, plus it will make your life so much easier when dealing with animal hair and water. The Best Veterinary Clothing also protects you from dirt and bacteria, making you look and feel more professional.

The best clothing protects you from dirt and bacteria.
The Best Veterinary Clothing

At Clipit we offer the Best Veterinary clothing that is suitable for heavy working environments, so you stay comfortable during your shift.

Blue scrub tops are easy to find and affordable, but unlike the range of Clipit Veterinary Clothing all our garments are made with a technical hair resistant material that repels hair through the protective negative ions that the material has to offer.

Our Best Veterinary Clothing provides flexibility to veterinary nurses, vets and technicians. The material we use is both as durable, and thanks to the breathable fabric, our protective Veterinary clothing does not cause excess sweating.

The Clipit range of Veterinary clothing is easy to care for by popping into a wash at 30 degrees and then air-dried for a couple of hours. Clipit garments are really comfortable, providing you with a relaxed look, giving the caring feel when presented with a poorly pet.

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The Clipit Daisy Jacket


Examples of The Best Veterinary Clothing

Taking care of pets isn't just about getting them vaccinated and given the proper treatment. It's also about making sure that they feel comfortable, safe and happy while they're in your care. One way to do this is by dressing appropriately for the job—and if you're a veterinarian or anyone else who works closely with animals, that means wearing clothing designed specifically for vets! We've put together a list of some of Clipit's veterinary clothing styles in order to help you find the best outfits for yourself (and your patients).

The Clipit Daisy Jacket

The bright and stylish image that the Clipit Daisy Jacket offers is an image of comfort and professionalism. You no longer have to suffer with hair sticking to your blue scrub top when you wear this really comfortable hair resistant, shower proof, attractive jacket. The fabric is so soft, you wont have to put up with the stiff, scratchy fabric that a blue scrub top gives against your skin.

Dog Groomers, animal behaviourists and veterinary nurses are all turning to Clipit clothing because they love the hair resistant, durable designs.

Easy Care, Durable Veterinary Clothing
Clipit Daisy Jacket

Are you still wearing your old fashion blue scrub top and bottoms?

Not only are they fading, but the old garment, is probably letting in hair and feeling scratchy against your skin.

Scrub tops are so old hat now!! They are being replaced with more practical garments that offer hair resistant properties, eco-friendly washing as well as quick drying. The Clipit Suit is the preferred garment for dog groomers, horse grooms and vets as it comes in various colours, it is hard wearing and really cool to wear. Everyone is wearing the Clipit suit, as it is ideal for vets that are both in surgery and out in the field.

So what is the purpose of a Clipit Suit?

A vet, dog groomer or anyone that comes into contact with animal hair, needs protecting against the errant hair that sticks to blue scrub tops. Hair under a microscope resembles a wood splinter and can cause severe skin irritation, open sores and in severe cases, animal care workers have to give up their job.

Wearing a Clipit suit provides the ultimate cover-up from hair. With a high-neck, long elasticated sleeves and zipped legs, this all-in-one suit is the pinnacle of hair protection.

The Best Veterinary Clothing
The Clipit Suit (right in image)

Our blue long sleeved jacket is the most popular, and for good reason. The blue jacket can be worn by veterinarians, technicians and students alike. They are easy to wear and very affordable. The blue colour is a good choice for all seasons—not too hot in the summer or too cold in winter. In addition, the blue long sleeved jacket (as seen in the image above, on the left) is very comfortable because it does not restrict movement while working with animals at a clinic or hospital.

Veterinary clothing is a great investment for any veterinarian. It helps you maintain a professional appearance, stay comfortable during long shifts, and protect yourself from dirt and bacteria.

Clipit Veterinary clothing also benefits the patients in your care. Our Veterinarian clothing is designed with special features that help promote healing while protecting your skin from irritants like scabs, scars, or wounds. For example:

  • The Best Clipit Veterinary Clothing has an antimicrobial finish to resist odour-causing bacteria so that your clothing stays clean between washings (and stay fresh smelling). Plus they're wrinkle resistant so you can keep looking crisp even after hours of wear!

  • The Clipit's Best Veterinary Clothing feature stretchy material that moves with you—which means no more tugging up sleeves throughout the day (or having them fall back down when you bend over).

  • The Best Veterinary Clothing by Clipit have roomy pockets to hold all of your tools—even those bulky pens! They also have covered pockets so there's no chance of poking yourself with sharp pieces when reaching into those deep pockets for supplies during surgery or exams.

The Best Veterinary Clothing Clipit cargo trousers feature an elastic waist so you can adjust the fit to your body type, plus they are made from high quality hair-resistant material that stands up to wear and tear-so you can be sure they won't full apart after just a few washings.

With a cargo pocket, these trousers are made from a soft, breathable material that moves with you—so no more tugging on the waist band throughout the day (or having them fall back down when you bend over). Plus when you're ready to take them off, no need to remove your shoes, as the cargo trousers have zipped legs.

The Best Veterinary Clothing
Clipit Cargo Trousers


We hope this article has helped you find the best veterinary clothing for your practice. If you have any suggestions on other types of clothing we should add to our list, please let us know in the comments below! We’re always looking for ways to improve our service.

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