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What Dog Breeds Need More Grooming

There are something like 250 breeds of dog, and when it comes to providing the basic, like grooming, different breeds have different needs.

Many people think grooming is all about clipping Poodles, but it is much more than that. Grooming is the act of keeping the skin and coat in a healthy, clean, balanced state. It also involves the maintenance of teeth, ears and nails.

Grooming is an integral part of dog care. Not only does it keep the animal clean and looking good, but it also a social act, which strengthens the relationship between handler and dog.

How you groom a dog depends on the breed, coat type, and the owners personal preferences. Anyone can put a dog on a table and brush its coat up and down for a few moments, but with a little thought and hard work, both dog and owner can enjoy the experience and, who knows, you may be a future Groomer of the Year as a result!

Buying a Dog: Coat Considerations Among the many breeds of dog, there is a tremendous difference in the types of coat. Certainly, one should take this into serious consideration before taking on a breed of dog.

  • Can you cope with the hair?

  • Will the dog require professional grooming?

  • Can you afford the outlay of regular trips to the grooming parlour?

  • Are you, or any of your family allergic to dog hair?

  • Could you cope with your dog getting covered with mud during a wet walk?

These are just a few questions that need to be considered before deciding on the right breed for your family. Your national breed club will be able to put you in contact with breed clubs of those types of dogs you might be interested in.

It is a good idea to consult a dog groomer to enquire about the cost of grooming sessions before making a final decision on which breed is right for your family.

Puppy Coats

Puppies of all breeds have a softer coat than they will have on gaining maturity, and it is easy to underestimate the grooming that is required as the dog matures.

Poodles, for instance, have a soft fluffy wool coat that is easy to keep until they are about seven months of age, when the coat will thicken. Unless it is properly groomed, the coat will mat or felt against the skin, especially if the coat gets wet and is left to its own devices to dry.

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