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What to Wear When Clipping Your Horse

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

You can always guarantee when you want to clip your horse it will be on a windy day and there is nothing worse than horse hair penetrating your clothes. If you can, try and clip inside making sure you have good day light.

If you have no choice but to clip in the wind, make sure the wind is behind you and get a friend to help. Another helpful tip is to bath your horse the prior day, this will help your clippers take the coat off quicker and easier.

For more tips on how to prep your horse, click here

Dress Appropriately

Skip the fleece jumper, you will be wearing horse hair for the next few years. Also don't wear any lip balm otherwise you will get hairy lips!!

The best garment to wear is the Clipit Suit, made and designed by us. This garment provides full coverage with it's hi-neck and long elasticated sleeves to protect against errant hairs penetrating your skin. The suit is durable and breathable, so great for those hot sunny days and cooler months.

It has zipped legs too, so it's easy to pop on while keeping your muckers on.

Do you have to plan clipping around your day and then go home for a shower before doing anything else?

No more worries, take off the Clipit suit and be hair free!! Just add your lippy and head to the shops.

The suit is made from a hair resistant material that repels through a negative charge. If you happen to leave your suit in your car over night this can create a positive charge and it will attract hair. So always take your suit in everyday, wash it a 30 degrees and allow it to dry naturally. Washing instructions, see this article

For more information on how durable the Clipit Suit is, this article outlines it

To shop for the Clipi Suit, please click here

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