Why do my clipper blades get hot?

The biggest reason why clipper blades heat up fast, is because you are not using enough blade oil. Over the years clippers have increased in speed, and the faster the machine runs, the quicker the blades heat up.

Back 20 years ago most clippers ran at 2000 spm (strokes per minute) but nowadays the average clipper can run as fast as 4000 spm. If you can imagine a sewing machine bobbing up and down, threading the cotton through the material, this is the same principle that a clipper drives the blades through hair.

All clipper blades are made of two metal parts, and as the top blade passes over the sole plate, the metal heats up and expands. Without oil, the blade starts to get sticky and over heats. Keeping your blades clean and lubricated will increase the life of your clipper and blades!

What product should I use to lubricate my blades?

Is is hard to use a product that has 5 in 1 purposes when trying to keep your blades cool. You should have two separate products 1. that cleans and sterilises, and 2. that lubricates. Many 5 in 1 products contain a high level of alcohol and not much oil. Spraying a hot blade with a 5 in 1 product will actually increase the heat of the blade faster. Always stick with a lubrication, like Easi Oil that keeps your blades running smoothly, but does not leave oil traces within the animals coat.

Easi Oil Spray is the best form of lubrication. It stays on the blade to prevent friction, heat and hair sticking to the cutting surfaces.

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