When we sharpen dog clipper blades we use a method calling hollow grinding, that produces a back to factory setting. If the angle of sharpening is not done correctly, when using your blade, they will snag in the first inch of coat.


Using the best knowlegable sharpening company in the UK, you are guaranteed satisfaction. However you need to play your part with keeping your blades clean and oiled. 

N.B Arco style blades are disposable blades, but we have the capabilities of sharpening them up to 5 times before they should be dispossed off.


Arco Style Blade Sharpening

  • The easiest and most effective way for cleaning blades is to use the Clipit Ice Care Spray that sterilizes and cleans under a minute.

    Spray and with a toothbrush give the blade a good clean, sliding the top cutter to one side and removing any loose hair, and between the teeth, otherwise you will get blade plaque building up. Blade plaque is the result of grease and dirt, cooling sprays and general scum. This is where viruses hide! Please note you do not need to take your blades apart to clean them


    To keep your blades cool and smooth running, you need OIL!
    The easiest and most effective product on the market is Clipit Easi-Oil Spray. This specially developed oil can be used on clipper blades as well as scissors. It has quick cooling properties and a micro fine oil that will not leave an oily residue within the pet’s coat. When clipping the average size dog your blades need to be lubricated every 5-10 minutes.

  • Once your sharpening has been paid for, please package and send to the following addess:

    Clipit Grooming
    5 Fairfax Close
    Ashby de la Zouch

    LE65 1LZ

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