Optimise performance by using regularly during each clip to keep blades clean and cool. Look after your blades properly and they will live longer and save your money in the long term.


Clipit Easi Oil RRP £8.35
Lubricating oil for all types of blade maintennce. Should be applied every 5 minuts while the blades are running on your clipper.


Clipit Ice Care RRP £8.75
Cools, cleans and sterilises all blades within a minute. Spray onto the blades after each use.


Clipit Blade Wash RRP £15.50
Effective blade cleaning solution which loosens grease and dirt. Use at the end of the day for deep cleaning to remove blade plaque.


Prevent blades rusting with regular care, keep blades cool and lubricated for optimal clipping. Buy as a bundle and SAVE £6.25 !!


Looking for a Blade Wash Box to wash your blades in? Click Here

Blade Maintenance Kit


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