This unique product gives you the perfect coat finish everytime! Just spray or brush into the dog or horses coat prior to clipping, to produce the ultimate finish. It can be used on thick, dirty coats that clippers would normally struggle to get through. This product helps keep clipper blades running smoothly, taking off the strain when they hit thick matted hair, leaving no lines behind.



Size: 100ml (Sample) 500ml and 1 Litre



  1. Apply neat to the coat a few minutes before clipping.
  2. Suitable for unbathed animals.
  3. Can be brushed or sprayed into the coat.


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"Fantastic product, groomed 2 Westies over a couple of days who both have the type of fur that just tends to show faint lines no matter what I try. Can’t see any lines after using the oil. I rubbed it in with my hands to distribute evenly and although no noticeable difference whilst clippering for the first 5mins, after that, my clippers just glided through! I used my cooling spray less which speeded up my time in clipping!Excellent product...x" Jayne Lupton Ritchie CPG


"I love the oil I used it on a really dirty horse that I was asked to clip. I did the first side without the oil and the clippers were cutting slower, the white scurf needed loads of brushing out and sponging down inbetween me having to go over the clip a few times in different directions. The side with the oil clipped quicker and smoother the clippers didn’t struggle and I didn’t have to keep trying to go over the clip so it made the side with the oil easier to clip and the scurf was bonded together and lifted away better with the blades so the horse didn’t need so much brushing after." Rhianwen Rosser, Equibalance Equestrian Training



Clipping Coat Oil


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