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Clipit Chalk Powder is a must-have in your dog grooming supplies. This multi-purpose powder is perfect for cleaning, whitening, and aiding hand-stripping. It is particularly useful for coarse, terrier-type coats, as it helps the groomer grasp the coat better before stripping. You can also use it for whitening the legs of grey horses. To use, simply apply the powder liberally and use your fingers to spread it across the coat before stripping. Get your hands on Clipit Chalk Powder and achieve professional grooming results in no time.


At a glance:

  • Apply powder liberally, using your fingers to spread across coat prior to stripping,
  • Suitable for all animals,
  • For cleaning and whitening,
  • Size: 450 grams.


The powder is made using the finest chalk, and has been specifically created for those with sensitive skin.

If you are new to hand stripping, why not read A Beginner's Guide to Hand Stripping in Dog Grooming: What You Need to Know. This helpful blog provides you with all the techniques for hand stripping.

Clipit Chalk Powder

VAT Included