As with every good scissor you will need a good reputable skilled sharpening company to keep your scissors sharp and maintained. Sending your scissors to an inexperienced company can result in them being ruined.


Beveled edged scissors mainly come from German manufacturers e.g. Roseline, Mars and Exchert and the easiest way to tell if you have a beveled edge scissor is by looking at one of the cutting edges to see if there is  a micro serration.


N.B. In the price of sharpening and servicing your scissor, all parts and micro serration is included. No hidden extras.



Scissor Sharpening - Bevel Edge


    • The scissor pushes the hair
    • The scissor pulls the hair
    • The scissor is dropped
    • The scissor stop is missing-
    • The scissor catches at the tip
    • The tension nut or screw won’t stay tight


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