As with every good scissor you will need a good reputable skilled sharpening company to keep your scissors sharp and maintained. Sending your scissors to an inexperienced company can result in them being ruined.


Convex edges are hollow ground to an extremely sharp edge, giving a very quick and smooth action, sometimes referred to as "butter cut". A convex edge has a tendency to nick and dull faster than a beveled version, especially if they are dropped.


N.B. In the price of sharpening and servicing your scissor,the scissor is carefully sharpened by a skilled master engineer, disembled, cleaned, polished and reasembled by hand, checking all parts. If any new parts are required they are replaced free of charge. No hidden extras.

Scissor Sharpening - Convex Edge

  • Scissors must be cleaned and oiled frequently.

    Even after coats have been dried, hair will still hold moisture, which in turn will work into your scissor  and the centre screw that holds the scissor together.

    When you have finished, spray the scissors with Clipit Ice Care Spray for sanitising and helping to prevent contamination. Wipe dry and then apply Clipit Easi Oil Spray into the centre screw. Open and close a few times, wipe off the excess and then store into its holster.


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