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The Clipit Suit

Used and endorsed by Professional Dog Groomers and Horse Grooms worldwide, The Clipit Suit is proud of its reputation for quality and product performance. The suit was developed through our own requirement to stay hair free when clipping. Made from a technical material it is effective in the protection of dog, horse and human hair that can make life very uncomfortable when clipping and grooming. It is lightweight and breathable, and can be worn in all conditions.

How Does it Protect?

The material that is used in the making of the Clipit Suit, as well as other Clipit workwear is made from a

technical material that is designed to repel hair. It is breathable and lightweight, so provides comfort in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer. The silky feeling this material offers styles nicely and dries very quickly. 

When hair is cut it delivers a positive ion, that is why it sticks to certain fabrics such as cotton, wool and polyester. Cut hair can spoil a garment , never to be worn again, it is also a health hazard. Hair can penetrate the skin and make it sore and sceptic. 

The Clipit Suit protects by negatively charged ion, so when hair reaches the material, the shards of hair don't stick. However there maybe some stray hairs that can get through the material which we cannot account for, thats why we don't advocate its 100% hair resistant.

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Video: The Clipit Suit in Use


  • Hi Tech Material

  • Breathable

  • Adjustable hi neck for comfort

  • Zipped legs

  • Showerproof

  • Elasticated waist

  • Long elasticated sleeves

  • 6 Handy pockets

  • Full length covered zip

  • Exremely lightweight


Don't just take our word for it..

" I couldn't live without my Clipit Suit. It's absolutely fabulous - Bella Ingram

"I've clipped for 28 years, but this suit is a game changer. Where have you been all my life" Emma Fetch

" I bought my first suit and I am mega impressed. Clipped 5 horses and not an ounce of hair on me" Vicky Lee

"Absolutely over the moon with these suits, waiting for my third one. Danielle Louise

"Love my suit, makes my life so much easier and comfortable" Rebecca Driffield, Groom of the Year 2021

"I'd be lost if I didn't have my personalised suit from Clipit Grooming " Racheal Kneller

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