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Groomers Lung Is Real.

Do you know the signs of Groomers Lung?
If you scissor, groom or clip animals, you will be inhaling hair and other particles. When animal hair is inhaled, the tiny hairs (which resemble wood splinters) and other harmful particles travel down into your lungs and stay there. In time this can inflame the lung and scar the airways, which can then progress into a chronic lung condition.

Every week we read of more groomers reporting their conditions, with some having to give up the role that they love, because of the hair absorption and how it stops them from working. 

So what are the symptoms?
Symptoms can range from mild to severe. 

Chronic cough

Inflammation of the airways

Chest pain

Lung related issues

Difficulty breathing

Groomers Lung takes place over a period of time and many groomers do not notice the gradual change. If you find you have a persistent cough that lasts for eight weeks, go and see your doctor. There is no known "cure", so that is why you should put into place preventative measures to ensure it never happens to you.

How to prevent Groomers Lung

Thanks to the pandemic, we are all used to wearing a mask. Here's a great article from John Hopkins Medicine that provides valuable information about face masks. 

#1. The Clipit Goggle and Visor is a great preventative shield against hair absorption. Not only does it help with eye protection, but it helps reduce breathing in the nasties that are floating around in the air. In conjunction we would recommend you wear a cotton mask underneath to be totally 100% protected.

Clipit Google & Visor
The Clipit Goggle and Visor should be part of your work attire!

#2. Keep your salon and equipment clean and sanitised. Have you ever taken the time to check the plaque that builds up between the teeth on your clipper blades? The substance that looks like plaque that you get on your teeth, comes from coat dander, dead skin and substances that linger in the animals coat. It can house nasty viruses and is a clear sign that the clipper blades are badly maintained.

After every clip, thoroughly and properly clean your blades and equipment. For quick and easy sanitisation use Clipit Ice Care Spray. It is safe to be used on clipper blades, grooming equipment and work surfaces. This will ensure the safety of you and the animals that you clip.

Keep equipment clean and sanitised
Ice Care Spray for cleaning and sanitising grooming equipment.

#3 Educate your clients about maintenance grooming.

If your clients never groom between appointments, that means there will be additional hair on your work surfaces, when that pet comes in for its 6-8 weekly groom. As a result that will make your job even harder. Take time to educate the client about maintenance between appointments, and maybe try and sell them a brush or comb. 

This would definitely help with prevent Groomers Lung.

What to do if you show signs of Groomers Lung?

By taking preventative measures outlined in this article, your chances of getting Groomers Lung is reduced. Groomers Lung has only recently been talked about within the industry. There is still lots to do with grooming colleges in education, grooming seminars need to have it as a topic. Help spread the word, so more groomers get to know the symptoms. 


But if you are a groomer and you are experiencing any of the symptoms discussed, please get yourself checked out by your Doctor. It's best to address the symptoms sooner than later.

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