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Get the How To Guide for Caring for Clippers, Clipper Blades and  Attachment Combs

In this guide, we provide all the tools and know-how required to manage clipper blades, clippers, and attachment combs. We'll discuss what to do when these tools break down or when new blades aren't cutting as expected. The guide also includes a chapter on sharpening and maintenance, as well as guidance on selecting the right sharpening and servicing provider.

With nearly four decades of experience in the dog and horse grooming industry, Paula Bryan has always been passionate about driving positive change in the field. Paula's expertise spans from skin and coat care to business development and tool and equipment management.


Paula says "The dog grooming industry is rightly focused on breed standards and producing the best possible groom. However, as someone who has been in this industry for some time, I noticed a significant gap in the knowledge and skills required to manage grooming tools. Specifically, many professionals lack the expertise to identify when a clipper blade isn't working or when it's time to replace the blade drive on a clipper. Additionally, they struggle with selecting the appropriate scissor for particular breeds"

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Solving Clipper Blade Malfunctioning

Learn why a clipper blade has stopped cutting, and discover what you need to do, to make it work.

Effective cleaning and lubrication of clipper blades

it's essential to be mindful of bio-security and animal welfare. But what exactly is bio-security?

Clipper Care and Sharpening

As a dog groomer, you know the importance of keeping your clippers in good condition. Specific tips to make your grooming easier.

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