How it all started

A day without Clipit is like a day without sunshine!


Clipit Grooming is the brain child of Paula Bryan. A entrepreneur who has worked within the equine and canine industry for over 35 years. While on holiday in 2014 it dawned on Paula that when she returned home she would have to think about clipping her horses.

The thing Paula hated about clipping was the hair that seeped into your clothes and made your skin itchy and sore making clipping unbearable. She had tried various garments from
disposable painters suits, to heavy duty farmer type boiler suits, and nothing worked. They either made you very hot and sweaty or the paper versions would tear.


So Paula set to and designed the Clipit Suit, an all-in-one suit that offers hair repellent properties to prevent errant hairs getting on your under garments. We launched a straight sleeve version in 2015 in one colour and by 2017 we added a further three colours plus an upgrade on the suit with elasticated sleeves and zipped legs.

To date we have several retailers stocking the suit plus we ship worldwide to customers as far as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.



As we grow
In 2018, from what started as a one off product has now grown into a brand. We are gradually adding more unique products and services to our offering, to include the Clipit Ruck Sack, Blade Care maintenance products, a sharpening service and soon to be launched our New Waterproof Dog Grooming Apron. 
It is our intention to support the canine and equine markets through added benefits like industry education via online support and work shops. 
Clipit Grooming is unique and that is why our community grows every day. Follow us on social media and keep up to date with competitions, education and other fun stuff. Sign up to our Newsletter and receive a 10% discount when you start shopping.
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