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Paula Bryan - Clipit Grooming


I've been surrounded by dogs and horses all my life.

My family had several Saint Bernards while I was growing up. And I got my first horse one Christmas. I'd been desperate for one, having already walked a few miles to and from our nearest riding school for lessons for several years.

I still remember looking out of the window on Christmas morning and seeing a beautiful bay mare, with a red ribbon around her neck, standing in what had been our garage and my dad had secretly converted to a stable. The snow was about four feet high but I still ran straight out in my nightie. My horse was called Irish Lady and I was absolutely delighted.

Riding has been a huge part of my life and I worked hard to represent Central England in dressage on four occasions.


Professionally, Paula started out as a chef. But it was intense and unsociable hours. So when her dad asked if she could help him run his business producing and selling dog and equine shampoo he'd formulated 35 years ago, containing evening primrose oil, it felt like a natural fit. So Paula left catering and started selling dog shampoo to professional dog groomers from a bedroom. It was hard work in the early days, but soon top breeders, exhibitors and professional groomers were soon quick to move over to the winning formulas.

Paula worked with him for years until he retired and eventually she took over as Commercial Director for Groomers Online where she helped build the company to one of the leading suppliers in the UK and across the globe for professional dog grooming supplies. In 2015 Paula left Groomers Online and took over Blades Services, that offered repairing and sharpening of grooming equipment. 

Through her journey in the dog and horse grooming industries, she has been chair of the Dog Groomers Association, a Director of the Pet Industry and a consultant to many large pet retailers to include Pets at Home Groom Room salons. Paula was also involved in setting up the Groomers products in the USA (Isle of Dogs) and Australia.


Then about five years ago, Paula came up with the idea of creating a protective suit to wear while you clip horses and dogs. Anyone who's done it knows that hair gets everywhere and can be really uncomfortable. The Clipit Suit looks like a motor racing suit but it's hair resistant. It comes in six sizes and four colours and is available with a range of other grooming products that are designed for the professional.

Paula like's to think her customers keep coming back because she only sell's products that she has used and developed herself. In 2022, from Paula's experience owning an engineering company, the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper was launched. A clipper that looks more like a trimmer is a game-changing piece of kit for pet owners and groomers. Delivering a speed of 8000spm, weighing only 254 grams and a reduced temperature through its unique titanium blades, this clipper is a real innovation.


The range from Clipit Grooming is forever growing, and we are delighted to bring innovative new products to help you build your business, save time and money and improve your grooming results.


Paula Bryan

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