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Dog Grooming Education - By Clipit Grooming

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to keeping your furry friend looking fabulous? Look no further! In this ultimate guide to dog and horse grooming, we'll take you on a journey to discover the best practices and techniques for keeping your companion in tip-top shape. Whether you have a long-haired breed that requires regular brushing and trimming or a short-haired breed that just needs a little TLC, we've got you covered. From bathing and brushing to nail trimming and ear cleaning, we'll walk you through step-by-step instructions and provide expert tips from professional groomers. Plus, we'll address common grooming challenges like dealing with mats and tangles and offer solutions that will leave your pup looking and feeling their best. So if you're ready to become a grooming pro, read on or visit our Blog section and get ready to transform your dog's grooming routine!

Recent Posts


Essential Guide To Scissors

Valuable information when purchasing new professional dog grooming scissors.

Direction of Hair Growth (1).jpg
The Clipping Checklist

Essential Clipping Checklist

Going to be clipping soon?

If so, take a look at our checklist to ensure you don't forget anything

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Dog Grooming

Essential Guide To Clipper Blades

Not sure what length of blade to use on your dog's coat. Our easy guide helps you discover more about clipper blades.


How to Store Your Grooming Equipment


At the end of clipping, its always tempting to throw your clipping gear into the corner of the shed. with little thought.

Don't read why...

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All About Groomers Lung

Do you know the signs of Groomers Lung?

Do you know the symptoms and how to prevent it?


The Game Changer

Endorsed by Professional dog groomers and horse grooms, this game changer, as its being called is proud of its reputation.

Here's why...

Top grooming advice

Girl with Horse

Explore our comprehensive horse grooming section for expert tips and top-quality products.

Grooming Salon

From proper brushing techniques to selecting the right grooming products, we've got you covered

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