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Clipit Grooming are proud to work with some of the best clipping and grooming experts within the field of animal care. Our brand ambassadors are key to helping us constantly better our product offering. Following our brand ambassadors you will truly get to understand why they endorse our products and services.

Three Boxes

Bella's Clipping Services

Bella provides a patient and experienced mobile clipping and mane pulling service covering Coventry, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

You guessed it.... my name is Bella, and I started Bella's Clipping Services back in September 2014.

I've been clipping for over 10 years, and I wouldn't be where I am today without my mare Shakira who literally taught me to have patience of a saint!

Shades of Blue


Nikkee, is based in Cheshire and offers a well established clipping, pulling and trimming service. 

I have such a passion for clipping but I am my own biggest critic, there’s nothing more satisfying than a crisp sharp clip. Many of my lovely clients have been with me since I began, which I find very touching, and I now consider most to be friends

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