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The Clipit Pro Coat and Skin Workshop - Part One is the perfect tool for any dog groomer looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. This online workshop is packed with valuable information on how to take care of a dog's coat and skin, including what products to use and what to avoid. With this workshop, you'll gain a deep understanding of the best techniques to keep canine skin happy and healthy.


Why you need to undertake this workshop?

This Part One - 2 hour online workshop is an essential resource for those who want to learn everything there is to know about pet's skin and coat care. We will will focus on product usage and avoidance, how to read shampoo ingredients, understanding the canine ph balance and the best techniques you can use in your salon.


This 2 hour online course is delivered LIVE via Zoom on a Thursday evening at 6.30 (UK time)


What will I learn on this workshop?


  • Knowing and understanding how grooming affects the skin and coat condition,
  • Recognising healthy and unhealthy skin,
  • The purpose of shampoo and understanding shampoo jargon
  • Learning how to read shampoo ingredients,


Entry Requirements

No experience of previous qualifications are required to attend the online workshop. It is available to all. You will need a computer with access to Zoom (that can be downloaded) prior to the workshop.


What will I come away with?

  • Comprehensive knowledge on dogs' skin and coat
  • The best products to use for optimal care
  • Script sheets that can be downloaded for future reference,


The Clipit Pro Coat and Skin Workshop - Part One is bought to you by Paula Bryan, MD for Clipit Grooming. Learn from Paula and expand your knowledge when you are presented with a skin complaint. Paula has over 3 decades of developing and innovating atopic applications for canine skin. She has worked with many leading scientists over those years for creating products for canine skin and hair care.


Clipit Pro Coat and Skin Workshop-Part One