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The Clipit Blade Box is the perfect solution for securely storing your clipper blades. With enough space to hold up to 20 detachable A5 style clipper blades, this organizer is a must-have for any professional groomer or pet owner. The resilient outer casing provides maximum protection, keeping blades clean, secure, and easy to access whenever you need them. Say goodbye to lost or damaged blades with the Clipit Blade Box - the ultimate storage solution for all your standard clipper blades. Keep your grooming supplies organized and your blades in top condition with this durable and reliable blade box.


Features and Benefits


  • Holds -  20 small equal size compartments, to house A5 Style clipper blades,
  • Snap shut lid - for keeping blades secure.
  • Secure - Items cannot be moved from one compartment to another when the lid is closed, making it an excellent choice.




  • Size: approx external dimensions 29 x 19.5 x 4.5cm high, approx each division 5.5cm (length) x 4.1cm (wide) x 3.2cm (high). External measurements include the hinge and lip of the box,