The Clipit Hand Groomer gloves, massage and stimulates the skin, at the same time providing gentle grooming for removing loose hair on all animals.

The rubber finger nodules gently grooms sensitive areas, such as the ears, face and body contours in a dry or wet environment.

Tests have shown that these hand groomer gloves will cut your time by half when grooming and bathing, so no need for brushes, curry combs and de-shedding rakes. 


With an adjustable wrist strap these gloves fit comfortably on your hands and won't fall off even when bathing. 


Colour: Navy with black nodules

Size: One size 9.5" x 5."





"Smashing gloves for double coated dogs’. Massages the skin plus taking out the undercoat which saved me a lot of time - excellent product! Jayne Lupton Ritchie, Dog Groomer"

Clipit Hand Groomer


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