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Clipit Online Courses

Being the best groomer in the business takes continuous development, so why not grow your education with additional added benefits like a Clipit course online? Whether you want to hone your clipper and blade skill or branch out into knowing more about animal skincare, our online animal education courses can give you the confidence to grow your skill set.

Skincare is an essential element of any dog grooming, and the iPET Network Level 3 Skin and Coat Care course gives you the advanced training to understand and recognise a skin complaint. Alongside this, we will also be launching the Clipit Clipper and Scissor course, on how to look after your clipper blades, maintenance of scissors and how to set and tension blades.

Our Clipit online courses each combine online learning with practical application to suit every professional level – and you'll receive those all-important accreditations upon completion.

Likewise, if you're already fully qualified, but perhaps looking to brush up on your canine skin knowledge and get the lowdown on the how to approach it with your clients, our courses are perfect for this too, meaning that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Browse all the options and find the training you and your team need. 

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