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Dog Grooming Equipment

With our extensive range of products, including our innovative, proprietary clippers for grooming dogs and other pets, Clipit is the award-winning grooming equipment supplier you need. Whether you’re looking for professional dog clippers or DIY tools for home grooming, we’ve got you covered. 
If you’re looking to give your furry best friend a little TLC, we can get you started with staples like claw clippers, combs, and shampoos. 
For professional dog clippers looking to level up their grooming game, we’ve got you covered with bathtubs, grooming tables, and stylish hair-resistant workwear. 
For both the professional and amateur dog groomer, we offer everything you need to get great results every time, whilst ensuring your canine friends and clients get the best treatment possible. Make sure to check out our range of Clipit Quatro Clippers, specially designed to be the highlight of any dog grooming kit. With a featherweight design, quiet operation, and titanium blades for durability and heat dissipation, the Clipit Quatro 4x4 is quite literally the cutting edge in clippers for grooming dogs and other pets. 
We even offer training courses for those looking to take the next steps in the dog grooming world. 
With Clipit, your dog grooming kit will be ready to handle any job. Need a little more insight? Take a look at our blog page for some hints and tips to get you started. 

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