How to Store your Clipping Gear
After you have clipped, its tempting to throw all your equipment in the shed or tack room with little thought. many of us have been guilty of it! But you'll regret it when your next clipping session is needed and you pull out your gear to find its corroded - even worse, its damaged.
That's why you should take the time to clean and store your clipping equipment properly. We'll concede its not the most fun job, but its defiantly worth the time and effort. 
To help, we've pulled together our Top Tips.

#1 Make sure you clean your clipper blades. If you don't you'll be met with some nasty surprises when you pull everything out next time.
#2 Make sure everything is hair free!

Use Storage
Don't worry you're nearly there! Its time to store your clipping equipment away. But before throwing everything into the most convenient empty space, consider using some form of storage.
This will help you keep everything organised, which might not feel like a priority but you'll appreciate it when you're preparing for your next clip.