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Introducing the Clipit Shampoo Samples - the perfect way to try out our range before committing to a full-size bottle! You can choose from - Coconut Curls, Relax, Detox, De-Shed and Glavaderm. With amazing fragrances and powerful cleaning abilities, these shampoos can be diluted up to 25-1 depending on your water area. Plus, buy 4 or more samples to receive a discount. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to discover your new favorite shampoo.


Shampoo Sample Options:

  • 100ml Clipit Coconut Curls Shampoo - for curly coated breeds,
  • 100ml Relax Shampoo - to restore the coat's natural defence,
  • 100ml De-Shed Shampoo - for releasing dead hair quickly,
  • 100ml Dettox Shampoo - for cutting through grease and coat build-up,
  • 100ml Glavaderm Shampoo - to soothe sore and itchy skin,


For more information about each individual product, please click here.


Can't wait for the samples?

Why not go the next size up with the Clipit Shampoo Starter Kit.

Clipit Shampoo Samples