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The Matt Splitter is an essential tool designed to break down knots and tangles in animal coats with ease. Engineered with a honed-blade, this splitter ensures a pain-free and efficient grooming experience for both the pet and groomer.


At a glance:

Small splitter to break through and remove matts with a honed steel blade.

  • Ideal for all pets to include dogs and cats,
  • Rounded blade tips to prevent any damage to the skin,
  • Minimises discomfort when dealing with knots and tangle.


How to Use

  • Preparation: Ensure your pet is calm and comfortable. Use a detangling spray if needed.
  • Identify Matts: Locate the matts in the fur that need to be removed.
  • Positioning: Hold the splitter with a firm grip and gently insert the blade under the matt.
  • Cutting: Using a gentle sawing motion, carefully cut through the matt, taking care not to pull on the fur or skin.
  • Repeat: Continue this process until all matts are removed.



  • Blade Material: Honed Steel
  • Handle Material: Non-Slip Rubber
  • Size: 6.5 x 5cm

Matt Splitter

VAT Included