Clippers & Blades

We offer high-quality precision engineered tools for every level of experience and work setting to cover Andis, Oster, Heiniger and Wahl Clipper Brands. As our product offering grows we will be adding further brands of clipper and blades to provide you with the ultimate choice.

Blade Size Chart.png

Blade Definitions

Finishing Blades: Leave a finer smoother coat.

Ceramic Blades: Help reduce blade heat and friction.

Toe Blades: Narrow cutting head for between the pads.

Skip Toothed Blades: Help feed hair into the cutting blade more effectively, allowing you to clip under mats. Ideal for rough cutting before bathing.

Tips to Maintain Clipper Blades

  • Oil clipper blades before and after use and keep the blades well lubricated at all times.

  • Brush off hair periodically while clipping and before oiling.

  • Ensure tension and blade placement are correct before use.

  • Clean blades after use with a cleaning sterilising spray.

  • Give your clipper blades a deep clean once a week with blade wash.

  • Store blades in a blade box or storage rack to prevent blade damage. 

  • Do not use damaged blades or clippers. If a tooth is missing or broken, replace the blade immediately.