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Clippers & Blades

Explore our top-quality clipper range, including the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper, designed for superior grooming performance.

Discover our top-quality clipper range, featuring the innovative Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper, renowned for its superior grooming performance. Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance on caring for your clippers, clipper blades, and attachment combs. Ensure longevity and optimal performance with our expert tips and maintenance advice, designed to keep your grooming tools in peak condition for years to come.

Get The How To Guide For Caring For Clippers

In this guide, we provide all the tools and know-how required to manage clipper blades, clippers and attachment combs. We'll discuss what to do when these tools break down or when new blades aren't cutting as expected.

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For the full guide to include to include sharpening, maintenance, as well as guidance on bio-security to prevent spread of bacteria and disease, use Promo Code CARE10 to get 10% off the full price £19.99 eBook.

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