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Bio Security for Cleaning your Grooming Equipment

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Whether your a dog groomer, cat groomer or a freelance horse groom, bio-security and animal welfare, should always be at the forefront of your mind when moving from yard to yard and within a grooming salon. But what is bio-security?

Bio security is the term applied to all procedures and measures which should be taken to limit the spread of disease. Measures should be put into place to maintain the well-being of the animal.

If your occupation involves grooming or clipping animals, then it is your responsibility to ensure your grooming equipment to include clipper blades, scissors and clippers are sufficiently disinfected and cleaned before you start grooming the next animal. Failure to do so can result in transmission of disease.

Cleaning and disinfecting products should be chosen on the basis of their suitability, safety and effectiveness. During this Covid pandemic there is no better time to look at your grooming practices and make sure you are looking after the animals welfare, the owners welfare, plus your own.

The Canine and Feline Sector Group's advice for dog groomers, is for all grooming equipment to be disinfected between each home and pet, especially if you are a mobile groomer.

However, what is the best product to use for ease and quickness?

Clipit Grooming offers the blade maintenance kit to help you implement the bio-security measures required for each individual situation from grooming salon to yard. The kit comprises of the Ice Care spray, Easi Oil spray and Blade Wash.

Ice Care Spray Effective fast sterilising and cleaning. Cooling, blowing hair and dirt out from in between the teeth; cleaning at the same time cooling the blades. Longer life- regular use of Ice Care will prolong the life of your blades, giving them a crisper cutting action. Can be used on all clipper blades, scissors and work surfaces. Prevents rust - anti rust formula protects blades and prolongs clipper life.

Easi Oil Spray Quick and easy to apply. Leaving a thin film of lubrication on your blades, but won't penetrate the animals coat leaving a greasy stripe in the coat. Regular use of Easi Oil will reduce friction and keep blades sharper for longer. Can be used on scissors as well as clipper blades.

Blade Wash Once a week give your clipper blades a deep cleaning wash to remove the blade plaque that builds up between the teeth. Use of a sterilising unit will not remove the blade plaque. This blade plaque can harbour the nasty viruses. Prevents rust - anti - rust formula protects blades and prolongs clipper life.

Why use the blade maintenance kit instead of a sterilising unit?

Sterilisation is most frequently done with an autoclave that uses heat and pressure to destroy microbes. However, as we have already pointed out, a steriliser will not remove the blade plaque that is found between the teeth of your clipper blade. A sterilising unit is best used for ear forceps, combs and other pieces of equipment to help reduce the chances of cross contamination between clients.

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