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Clipit Offers 15% Savings with Groomers Business Club

Updated: Apr 11

Clipit has launched a program called Business Club where savings can be made when dog grooming businesses use Clipit regularly.

Save money when buying dog grooming products from Clipit.
Clipit Business Club

All you have to do is complete the online form on Clipit - Business Club to start saving significant amounts of cash when you need to buy monthly dog grooming products, for example shampoo, clippers or grooming workwear.

Dog grooming businesses can save up to 15% on Clipit's products when they buy regularly. Business club is free to join, and it applies to online purchases made by legitimate dog grooming businesses.

"The best way to ensure that your business is always stocked with the right products is to buy them in bulk," said Paula Bryan, MD of Clipit. "We have designed the Clipit Business Club to support our dog grooming partners by offering them discounts on our most popular items."

Benefits, Discounts and Support from Clipit Grooming
Benefits of Business Club

Once the business has been approved they will be able to receive discounts by using their exclusive membership code when ordering online.

The new service is part of Clipit's ongoing commitment to supporting its customers and providing value for money within the industry. It follows recent improvements made by Clipit, including additional payment options such as PayPal and KLARNA payments, free delivery on orders over £100 and returns within 30 days on most products sold by Clipit (excluding consumables such as shampoos).

Business clubs are a fantastic way for small business owners to save money on regular expenses, such as office supplies. For dog groomers, this translates to large savings on pet grooming supplies. Clipit is the first company that offers a rewards program for dog groomers, and we like the possibilities it opens up for small businesses like spas, salons, and more. If you're looking to save some cash on your pet grooming necessities, give Clipit's business club a try!

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