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How to create a plan for your dog grooming salon’s reopening.

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hopefully Lockdown 3 will soon be coming to an end, and you’ll be catching up with old customers and welcoming new ones, making their pooch beautiful again.

But before you rush into your grand opening, you need to lay the groundwork carefully before unlocking those doors again. Hygiene measures aren’t the only thing that needs a refresh. Your brand-your grooming-could be due a revival too...

Here’s how you might get your dog salon back on its feet, better than ever...

Stir awareness on Social Media and your Website

- Update your site to make the date of your reopening and any new procedures that customers will have to stick to.

- Social media, a great way to bring people into your world before launch day.

- Competition. Offer a free treatment giveaway to someone who shares your relaunch post.

Get your salon in shape.

Bio-security cleaning is a large part of our days. Look at your stock list of cleaning products and get stocked up. Don’t forget to include face masks and gloves.

Consider a new uniform for you and your team.

With so much else changing around us, you need to look at your protective grooming workwear. Our Clipit suit is light, breathable and washable at 30 degrees. It’ll keep you totally hair free with the additional protection you’ll need to protect against COVID-19.


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