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How To Tension Your Horse Clippers

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Modern electric clippers cut quickly, evenly and without danger of hurting the horse. There are several types of horse clippers and many models, with prices ranging from a hundred pounds to several hundred pounds.

Large Heavy Duty Clippers Are used for body clipping, hogging manes and trimming heavy, coarse hair around the legs. Because of their size, they are too cumbersome for fine trimming, and their loud noise makes them less desirable to use around the horse's head. One type has a variable speed control; it can be turned down to clip at a low speed, greatly reducing the noise factor.

The heavy duty clipper normally comes with a tension screw that holds the top and bottom cutter of the clipper blade together. Applying tension adjusts the blades for a smooth cut. Use the lowest tension to produce a clean cut.The tension setting may be increased as the blades wear down, until they become too dull to cut even at the highest tension setting. Setting the tension too high will cause the blades to heat up and will wear them out faster.

Suggested Clipper Blade Tensioning

Lister - Turn the tension screw all the way down and turn back 1 and 1/2 turns.

Wolseley - Screw tension nut until it feels tight, turn anti-clockwise 4 turns.

Liveryman - Screw tension nut until it bites, then turn back 2 1/2 turns.

Note: The mark on the top of the screw will assist you in determining how many turns you have done.

How do you know if you have the right tension for your horse clippers?

1. The best place to start is with the manufacturers instruction manual. Turn your clippers on and listen to the sound they are making. Adjust the tension as above.

2. Try your clippers on the horse and see if they are cutting smoothly.

3. If you are finding the blades are heating up quickly, then you have the tension too tight. Release the tension by a half a turn. Remember less tension is better than too much !

Cooling and oiling your clipper blades

All clipper blades are made of hardened steel, they run at a very high speed. The faster they run, the quicker they will heat up.

-Before you start your clipper, always spray a film of oil onto your blades with Clipit Easi Oil.

-Switch on, and run your clippers so the oil spreads.

-During clipping you should repeat this process every 5-10 minutes to stop the blades from running dry and the clipper motor over heating. You will need to brush off any hair from your blades before spraying.

Note: Never use WD40 as it will damage your blades and clipper.

If you want to give your clipper blades a quick cooling down, you should use Clipit Ice Care Spray . Cold as ice, this product will instantly cool your hot blades. You can use this at the end of clipping to clean and sterilise before storing. Remember coolant is not an oil, so you will still need to use the Easi Oil after cooling your blades.

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