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What are the Best Clippers for Grooming Dogs?

When it’s time for your dog to have a haircut or even just a little trim around the edges, finding the best professional dog clippers can be a struggle in itself.  

Even professional groomers need the right tools to not only provide the freshest cuts for pooches but also to make sure the dogs are comfortable and stress-free when doing so. So, what are the best dog hair clippers going right now? Clipit has the answer! 

The Clipit Quattro Dog Clippers – As Seen on TV! 

We are, of course, talking about the Clipit Quattro Dog Clippers which have featured recently on Dogs Behaving Badly on Channel 5. On the show, a poor little dog was terrified of getting groomed due to the noise and feeling of regular clippers. But thankfully, the groomer chose the cordless Clipit Quattro Dog Clippers helping to turn the dog’s frown upside down. Thanks to these professional dog clippers, the little pooch overcame his fear and left looking and feeling sublime.  

But why did they choose these amazing clippers for grooming the dog? 

What Makes the Clippers So Special? 

The Clipit Quattro Dog Clippers are an undeniably brilliant choice for professional groomers, pet owners and vets and are even amazing for grooming horses too. Often, different types of animals will require different types of clippers, but these clippers have been designed to be highly versatile thanks to industry experts. You won’t have to worry about them overheating either, making dog grooming a much more pleasurable experience for the animals.  

The blades are made from titanium, known for its corrosion resistance and strength, meaning with proper maintenance you’ll have reliable and professional clippers for the foreseeable future. Compared to standard stainless-steel blades, the Quattro will stay sharper and cooler for much longer. Additionally, the Clipit Quattro Dog Clippers only weigh 254 grams, which is half the weight of standard dog hair clippers. This makes grooming so much easier and less stressful on the arms and wrists of the user. 

Tired of your clippers running out of battery after just a few hours, or sick of cords getting tangled and caught around dogs and objects? This dog grooming tool is a cordless blade and can function for 6 hours without fault on just 3 hours of charge time.  

Adaptable Blade Lengths 

Getting the length of hair right when grooming dogs is a must. Not only to satisfy the owners but the dogs too! With the Clipit Quattro Clipper, you can easily switch blade sizes that offer precision lengths. Part of the bundle package includes clipper blade sizes of: 

  • #40 (hair length of 0.25mm) 

  • #30 (hair length of 0.5mm) 

  • #10 (hair length of 1.5mm) 

  • #7F (hair length of 3.2mm) 

  • #5F (hair length of 6.4mm) 

  • #4F (hair length of 9.6mm) 

  • #3F (hair length of 13mm) 

Purchase Your Clipit Quattro Dog Clippers Today! 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take dog grooming to the next level with the Clipit Quattro Dog Clippers. Benefit from safe, long-lasting and versatile grooming clippers that can be used on many different animals from dogs to horses, offering precision cuts. Benefit from assured warranty protection for 1 year or choose an optional 2 extra years when you buy from our store at Clipit

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