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12 Tips In How To Stay Mud Free-You and Your Horse.

  1. When you have time, give your horse a really good groom. Use a brush that invigorates the skin, and with a good coat conditioner, spray those areas that gets the muddiest. This will help with repelling the mud for a while.

  2. Put a set of overalls and boots on when you need to make a quick trip to the yard to protect your clothes. Store your muddy clothes in a large bag in your car boot to keep that clean, too. A great suggestion for overalls is the Clipit Suit.

  3. Keep your horse's tail clean on rides by plaiting it down from below the dock, folding the plait up behind the dock and taping it together.

  4. Don't try to brush wet mud off your horse-let it dry first. Alternatively, leave him rugged in a cooler for a while and come back and groom him when he's dry.

  5. Vaseline around the back of the hock area and under his stomach if you are going on a muddy ride.

  6. Don't wash your horse's legs too often, as you risk mud fever or you might exacerbate an existing outbreak.

  7. Investigate protective leg wraps and boots that you can turn your horse out in, but you must check regularly to ensure there is no trapped dirt.

  8. Always rug your horse in a good-quality turnout rug that fits well, and choose one with a neck cover that goes right up to his ears.

  9. Consider popping a hood over his head that protects both the ears and face. Horses love to rub their heads into mud, this hood would save so much time.

  10. When you wash your own gear, follow the instructions inside the garment or you may risk losing their waterproof qualities.

  11. Tweeds and thick wools should be left to dry naturally, then the mud brushed off with a firm brush.

  12. With leather boots, it is always advisable you wash mud off as soon as you can and let them dry naturally, then treat them with a leather treatment.

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