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Bring Your Dog To Work Day At Clipit Grooming 2023

Updated: Feb 26

Hi everyone! I’m Paula and I am Managing Director at Clipit Grooming. We’ve always believed that dogs make great coworkers, so we decided to take the plunge and invite them all in to celebrate today International Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Dog's play a huge part here at Clipit Grooming, with these three quite often seen modelling our latest products and giving their paws up or paws down to our latest innovations.

Dog's and horses are our life, especially when we take our trade stand to lots of dog and horse events. Here's a run down of who our new desk mates are, in between the barks and waggy tails!

Dogs make great coworkers in the office.
Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2023

They're having a table meeting! Molly (left), Pickle (centre), Dottie (right) sat on one of Clipit's grooming table.

Jack Russell with hand stripping tools
Molly - #1 Clipit model

Name: Molly

Breed: Jack Russel cross

Human: Helen Coutts, Business Development Manager

Likes: Loves to have her photo taken and always adopts the correct pose!

Dislikes: Strangers

Molly is very loyal and takes her time to get to know people, but once she trusts you, she loves you....

Molly loves sitting close to Helen all the time and if Helen is not at her desk Molly will sit in her chair, to keep it warm.

The Clipit Office Dog's
Disturbers of the Peace - Bring Your Dog To Work


Name: Pickle

Breed: Yorkshire Cross Pom

Human: Helen Coutts, Business Development Manager

Likes: Loves a car ride and the pub!

Dislikes: Going out in the rain!

Yorkshire Cross Pom Dog on grooming table
Pickle - The natural model !

Pickle will go anywhere with Helen, is very easy and just loves people.... likes to sit on other office workers' knees given the opportunity.

dog on grooming table
Dottie #3 Clipit model

Name: Dottie

Breed: Bichon Cross

Human: Helen Coutts, Business Development Manager

Likes: She also likes to sit in what she sees as her spot

Dislikes: Now the grand old age of eleven, Dottie hates being left alone.

If the other two sit in her spot, she will whine until the others move...

Dottie is a distinguished older lady that likes her way, all her food has to be small for her to take it out of your hand.

Dogs that who'd be jealous if they knew they were missing out on International Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

It's a good thing that dog's don't know its International Bring Your Dog to Work Day otherwise we'd have trouble on our hands.

From time to time, the team at Clipit often rope in other canine acquaintances to be a doggie model for the day. Here's a few of our other mates.

Louie the Poochon
Clipit Pin-Up Model - Louie

Name: Louie

Breed: Cavachon

Human: Hollie Unnuk, Clipit model

Likes: Loves going for a walk, sitting in the window watching the world go by, or can be seen on a paddle board with Hollie.

Dislikes: His ears being groomed!

Louie is a great dog. He started modelling for Clipit when he was a puppy. He often goes to Cornwall and can be seen surfing the waves on a paddle board with his owner Holly.

Name: Sheba

Breed: German Shepherd

Human: Eileen and Alan Unnuk

Likes: Loves her ball, sleeping in the back of the car, or keeping her feet cool in the river near where she lives.

Dislikes: Anyone walking past her gate.

Dog asleep in the back of a car
Sheba loves sleeping in the back of the car

Sheba is a distinguished old lady, who reached 14 on the 11th June 2023. Originally she started out in this world as a Police Dog who cared for the up and coming recruits. Nowadays she's just pottering around the garden or going for small walks.

3 dog walkers with dogs
Sheba (left) Sherlock (centre) Louie (right)

Name: Sherlock

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Human: The Police Force

Likes: Getting on the scent, sniffing out his favourite toy.

Dislikes: Letting go off his tennis ball!

Sherlock spent his early months with Sheba, learning the ropes. He is now 2 and is now a fully fledged working Police Dog, thanks to the hard puppy socialising work of Eileen and Alan.

Cocker Spaniel dog
Sherlock - The Police Dog

I can't write all this, without mentioning all the lovely grooming products that we have to offer here at Clipit Grooming HQ!

From dog grooming equipment, dog baths, grooming tables, professional dog clippers and dog grooming scissors, you'll find something to groom and pamper your dog with. We like to make all the dogs feel like they are part of the Clipit family, from giving them a pamper in one of our natural shampoos, to giving them a trim with the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper

Your dog can be a great companion at work, providing a welcome distraction during stressful days and a great way to unwind with after an especially busy day. As long as you're aware of any potential problems that might be caused by having a dog around, bringing your dog to work can be a positive move for your business.

If you want to join the Clipit Bring Your Dog To Work Day, don't forget to tag us with your amazing pictures.

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