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Do I need a vet to cut my dog's nails?

There is no need to call your Vet to cut your dog's nails, if you know what to do. Here is what is required to cut, trim your dog's nails.

The best option when cutting your dog's nails is after a bathe, as they are softened by the water and are usually easier, and less brittle, to snip. Some dogs have vessels in their nails because the nails have not been trimmed back on a regular basis since pup.

Using a large nail file or an electric file, it is safer to use. However you need to be aware there is a "quick" that runs central to the nail and serves the blood flow to the nail. If this is cut, it will be very painful to the dog, and may become infected. The only way to stop bleeding is to place a styptic pencil onto the wound.

Dogs have four toes on each foot, and each toe has a pad and a nail. In addition, nails may be present slightly higher on the inside of the leg. these are called Dew Claws. Dew Claws are a problem in some active dogs because they can easily get torn away from the foot. Some breeds of dog, have dew claws removed at birth, where others like the Pyrenean Mountain Dog requires these as extra toes.

Dew Claws should be checked regularly. If they are left on, they cannot be removes unless by a major operation. Check the Dew Claws every week, when you look at your dog's nail. Puppies that have Dew Claws need to have clipped at the same time as you cut their sharp little needle like nails.

How to cut your dog's nails

  1. Restrain the reassure your dog.

  2. Spread each foot and inspect between the toes.

  3. Select the correct nail clipper.

  4. Locate the "quick"

  5. Cut below the "quick"

  6. Smooth any rough edges with a nail file

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