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The Utimate Grooming Apparel

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

If you bath or groom dogs for a living, you will require practical, functional work wear that is designed to protect, make you feel comfortable but most of all give a professional image when your client walks in. Getting your image right will help you to encourage clients to come back. Looking good should not only apply to the dog you are trimming.

Dog grooming is a messy job with hairs getting everywhere, but a clean, smart specially designed apron will keep you looking fresh and smart.

The Clipit Waterproof Apron is a unique style, designed by us, that is made from 100% waterproof material. The apron gives freedom, allowing you to move around the dog easily. It is versatile with the option of having short or long elasticated sleeves. The sleeves are easily removable by popper studs.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it comes complete with an adjustable Velcro hi-neck and back ties. Stylish and long this apron will keep you clean and dry, protecting you from head to knee against hair and water.

Normal grooming apparel can make you hot in the warmer months as they are made from polyester material. The Clipit apron, constructed from tough, durable material resilient to scratching, punctures, tears and mildew, will keep you cool. The back section is open to allow air flow, making it more comfortable when working with dryers and blasters.

We have made this apron in a generous size, measuring 44" length, and a adjustable collar 15 -17"

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