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The Best Dog Grooming Clothing

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Having the Best Dog Grooming Clothing in your dog grooming kit, will make your life so much easier when you want protection against dog hair and water. At Clipit Grooming we offer different styles and designs that have been developed especially for the dog grooming industry.

Our dog grooming clothing has everything to offer from all-over-protection, vented garments to keep you cool in the hotter months, and waterproof clothing and aprons for an alternative protection to regular workwear.

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Clipit Daisy Grooming Shirt Clipit Waterproof Dog Bathing Jacket


Dog Grooming Clothing

When you are studying dog grooming, you should be aware of the hazards that dog hair can bring. It is also important that you purchase the best practical clothing that is both durable and comfortable to wear all-day-long in the salon.

Best Coverall: The Clipit Suit

The Clipit Suit

The Clipit Suit is designed for any kind of groomer, whether you are grooming dogs, cats or horses. There are many features to this suit, including a high neck, long elasticated sleeves, and zipped legs. Known as the "Game Changer", this industry recognised protective clothing is used and endorsed by professionals all over the globe. Grooming suits like this one can be worn by both men and women.

Clipit Long Sleeved Grooming Jacket

The Clipit Long Sleeved Grooming Jacket is bright and modern, and is available in two colours, Purple or traditional Navy. In addition to being easy-to-wear, this jacket has some great features, such as long elasticated sleeves, two deep pockets, and a pleated vented back. Made with 100% polyester that keeps you cool in hotter months, this long sleeved grooming jacket is available in sizes from XS - 3XL.

  • Purple with pink accents or navy with silver accents,

  • Two deep capped pockets for tool storage,

  • Machine washable at 30 degrees,

  • Hair resistant material.

Clipit Hair Resistant Cargo Trousers

The Clipit Hair Resistant Cargo Trousers are a must if you want to keep your legs from getting covered in dog hair. Elasticated waist makes for a comfortable working day in the grooming salon. Both lightweight and breathable, these trousers have zipped legs for easy shoe access. They have two cargo pockets for tool storage and can be easily cleaned with a gentle 30° wash.

Best Dog Grooming Jacket: Clipit Vented Cutting Jacket

Clipit Vented Cutting Jacket

During warm weather, the Clipit Vented Cutting Jacket is the ideal choice for wearing to groom dogs and cats in. This innovative jacket with back vent is so cool and stylish for any dog groomer. It is made with anti-stick hair resistant material and features a breast and sleeve pocket that you can carry dog grooming scissors , a brush or any tool that you made need to groom a dog with. This short sleeved design will keep you cool when the heat increases in the salon.


  • Cooling vented back panel,

  • High neck to prevent against errant hairs,

  • Short sleeves to keep cool,

  • Covered full length zip,

  • Sizes are available from S - 4XL.

Best Waterpoof Grooming Jacket: Clipit Dog Bathing Jacket

Clipit Dog Bathing Jacket

This waterproof bathing and grooming jacket is the best choice for dog groomers that want to stay dry and hair free when bathing dogs and cats. Made from waterproof material it has been made with purpose and a lasting style in mind. It has some clever fantastic features, including the ability to fold into its own pocket for ease of storage.


  • Adjustable drawcord hem,

  • Longer curved back panel,

  • Zipped welt pockets,

  • Elasticated cuffs,

  • Packable, storage bag,

  • Smart phone friendly,

  • Colours: Purple, hot pink, royal blue and burgundy,

  • Sizes: Sml, large and X large,

  • Weight: 55gsm,

  • Fabric: Waterproof.

More Best Dog Grooming Clothing

Here are some more Best Dog Grooming Clothing, something that is worth a mention.

Best Pet Grooming Salon Clothing: The Clipit Daisy Grooming Shirt

Clipit Daisy Grooming Jacket

This stylish grooming shirt provides cooling features when working in a hot environment. Choosing the right dog grooming clothing is imperative for practical hair resistant wear. This grooming shirt from Clipit boosts excellent durability for general wear and tear in a busy grooming salon. It would also be a great addition to your dog grooming clothing collection, being bright and stylish, offering comfort, easy to fit sizing with a flattering look.

Designed with professional dog groomers in mind this shirt has smart side splits to allow free movement with an off centre robust zip and short sleeves.


  • Sizes: XS - 3XL,

  • Colour: Navy with pink neckline and piping,

  • Side splits for free movement adding a sophisticated look,

  • Lightweight and quick drying for uniform turn around,

  • Machine washable at 30 degrees, keeping costs low,

  • Large front flapped pocket,

  • Short sleeves help to keep you cool.

Best Waterproof Grooming Apron: Clipit Waterproof Protective Grooming Apron

Clipit Waterproof Protective Grooming Apron

Sometimes when dog grooming, the job can get particularly dirty when bathing dogs. This waterproof grooming apron has so many unique features, thanks to the designers at Clipit Grooming.

The apron is our own design and provides freedom and versatility to have either long elasticated sleeves or zipped-off short sleeves. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the apron comes complete with high neck and traditional apron ties at the back.

You will not need any other type of grooming apparel as this apron will protect you from head to toe. Measuring 26" wide and with a drop measurement of 44" long, you can feel sure this garment will keep you clean and dry when bathing or grooming your dog or cat. With an open back, it will also keep you cool in the summer months.

If you are considering buying the Best Waterproof Grooming Apron, then the Clipit Waterproof Protective Grooming Apron is an excellent choice for you. Why?

Because it has all the features that you want from a waterproof dog grooming apron.


  • High neck to protect against hair penetration,

  • De-tachable zipped long sleeves,

  • Stay dry grooming,

  • Back ties,

  • One size fits most,

  • Colours: Funky pink or traditional navy.

Personalise your Dog Grooming Clothing

Personalising your dog grooming clothing has many benefits, including:

  • To help build your brand,

  • To give trust to your clients.

At Clipit we use the latest technology and the strongest non thread cotton to embroider and create your logo design or name. Most garments can be embroidered on the back of the garment, but some can only be done on the front, due to the design of the dog grooming clothing. If you are a dog groomer, it is best to have your logo or name placed onto the front of the garment as you are a front facing business.

If you like any of the dog grooming clothing mentioned in this article and would like to inquire further, then please visit our shop.

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