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Electrostatic Disinfection & Sanitisation for Dog Grooming Salons and Veterinary Surgeries.

Welcome to our guide on electrostatic disinfection and sanitisation to eradicate covid-19, kennel cough and any further viruses and bacteria within grooming salons, kennels and veterinary surgeries.
Electrostatic Cleaning

Electrostatic cleaning is the latest technology that brings you peace of mind and ensures your grooming premises or veterinary surgery is germ and virus free. Using electrostatically charged particles, this new cleaning technology sprays surfaces and objects by sticking to them. Covid-19, plus other viruses can linger on surfaces for up to several hours, so its best to take precautions to ensure your grooming premises are clean and safe in order to prevent contaminations.

Why not just carry out a deep clean?

With a traditional deep clean it is often impossible to reach all the hard-to-reach areas, including bathing rooms, dog toys, underneath grooming tables and waiting rooms. Using electrostatic cleaning you can reach and disinfect everything. The particles of the chemicals that are used, cling on to every surface. So, for example, if you have a waiting room with soft furnishings with dogs toys or treats , these wouldn't be covered by a deep clean. But with electrostatic cleaning every item is covered and protected to eradicate any germs.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is a method of incorporating an electric charge into a liquid. When sprayed the droplets become positively charged, which means they can stick to any type of surface. This is unlike traditional cleaning where you are often just moving dirt and germs around. Electrostatic disinfection removes 99.999% of all germs, viruses and superbugs including Covid-19.

What are the benefits?

Destroy viruses and bacteria

It is proven to destroy bacteria, kennel cough and superbugs within 15 minutes on contact - including MRSA,C-diff CV and Covid-19.

A quicker more comprehensive clean

Reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces and hard to reach places by 50% compared to conventional methods.

Prevent reinfection

Electrostatic cleaning creates a residual barrier that fights infection for up to 7 days.

Spotless, safe floors and walls For grooming tables, floors and walls that need to be spotless, electrostatic cleaning is the most effective option.

Germ free equipment

Keep heavily trafficked equipment clean and germ-free. With this touch less application, it will reduce the risk of cross contamination

A cleaner, healthier workplace

Have peace of mind knowing that using the latest in cleaning technology, your place of work is clean and safe.

Other features include:

Touchless Application

No need to touch or wipe surfaces - providing a fast and effective application.

Reduces cross contamination

The spray and wipe technique can move bacteria from one surface to another - cross contamination can be reduced due to the touch less effect electrostatic can provide.

Liquid Adhesion & Coverage

Fully charged droplets create an even spread which allows the solution to cover the full area, including those hidden and concealed areas. The electrostatic sprayer is also designed to be able to cover large areas in a short amount of time, making it incredibly cost and time effective.

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