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Grooming doesn't need to be messy

Getting your image right will help you to encourage clients to come back. Looking good whilst wearing smart uniform will always give the impression you are a professional at work.

Grooming is sometimes a messy job with hairs getting everywhere, but a clean, smart pair of specially designed grooming overalls will keep you looking fresh and smart.

The overalls will also allow you easy movement to make some of the intricate bends required to get around the dog or horse.

One of the hazards when clipping is the errant hairs that stick in your skin, which can make it unpleasant . Hair that impregnates into the skin can soon turn sceptic, especially in the elbow crease and around the neck.

One of the main features with the Clipit Suit and the New Clipit Jacket

both have are the long elasticated sleeves to protect your arms. By having long sleeves you are reducing exposure to splinters.

Both the suit and the jacket is perfect for working in the colder months, as your arms are covered and you can wear a long sleeved top underneath.

If your looking for a garment that not only protects your from hair but also water, then the Clipit Apron not only looks great, it also serves function in the busiest of grooming salons. The durable, nylon material is flexible and comfortable yet completely waterproof. The adjustable velcro neck allows you to pop on the apron with ease, offering complete protection. The detachable sleeves give you the option to wear it for protection against hair splinters and short when bathing.

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